What is INMI?

INMI is a nationwide 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado. We are an interfaith organization, meaning we represent and welcome participation from all faith traditions, and we affirm that spirituality is an important component of recovery from mental illness. Learn more about INMI.

Our mission

Our mission is to increase awareness and understanding of mental illness among clergy, staff, lay leaders, and members of faith communities. We also seek to educate therapeutic professionals, family members, and the general public about simple things that can help someone struggling with a mental illness, including their spirituality/faith.  We aim to help everyone, especially faith communities, more effectively develop and nurture supportive environments for persons dealing with mental illnesses, as well as their families and friends.

What we do

INMI offers written and web resources, consultation, free presentations, and guidelines for starting Mental Health Ministries and/or Spiritual Support Groups for Mental Health and Wellness. We offer two free programs/conferences per year in the Boulder County area. Learn about upcoming events.

Whether or not you live in our vicinity, if you are a faith community leader or staff member, you can take advantage of our resources on mental illnesses to help you recognize common brain disorders and make referrals to mental health professionals when it is appropriate. Click here to see a list of resources.

Why should our faith communities care about mental illness?

  • Because 1 in 4 people in your congregation is affected by mental illness. Mental illnesses do not discriminate — they affect people from all races, creeds, income categories and social classes. Stigma keeps people from sharing their stories with others in your congregation, so they seldom get the same support people with other illnesses do. Mental illness has often been called the “no casserole” disease (eg: no one sends a card or brings you food when in  recovery).
  • Because more than half of people who seek outside help when they are in crisis turn first to their clergy/faith leaders, before they seek help from psychiatrists, physicians or psychologists. If you are a faith leader, do you feel prepared to counsel on mental health problems? If you are a member of a faith community, do you feel confident your leaders have the education and training they need to help you and your family deal with the mental health issues you face?
  • Because there are many people who are living with a mental illness/brain disorder who are looking for a faith community that offers an inclusive welcome and provides spiritual support. Do you want to learn more about how to become more inclusive and welcoming and how to offer spiritual support in your faith community?

How You Can Help

Make a donation or become a sponsor for one of our annual events. Share your own resources and experiences from the faith communities you may be involved with regarding mental illness/brain disorders and how spirituality/faith has helped.  Let faith communities and other organizations know about INMI!  Attend our events, and consider inviting others to attend. Every step you take to help fight stigma and include/support persons living with mental illness makes a difference.

In Memoriam – The INMI website is dedicated to the memory of Joanne Kelly, co-founder and designer of this website. Click Here for More…