Video Series

Videos for Clergy

Making referrals

(5:36 minutes)
Video 2: 8 tips for referring your congregants to appropriate mental health resources (8:07 minutes)
Video 3: Developing and maintaining a list of referral resources (4:51 minutes)

Suicide prevention, intervention and response

Video 1: Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Suicide (8:23 minutes)
Video 2: How to Tell if a Person is Considering Suicide (7:51 minutes)
Video 3: Responding to a Suicidal Person (11:30 minutes)
Video 4: Aftermath: Responding to Family Members After a Suicide (7:41 minutes)
Video 5: Aftermath: Designing a Service for a Person Who Has Died by Suicide  (9:17 minutes)

How Your Faith Community Can Help

Video: Starting a spiritual support group in your faith community (8:42 minutes)