Jerry Ruhl “Holding Your Center in Anxious Times”

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November 21, 2019

We live in a time of tumultuous social, political, and psychological upheaval. Today, many people experience, in their families and faith communities, a divisiveness that triggers pervasive stress and anxiety. How are we to manage anxiety, heal moral injury, and sustain a healthy center in these times?

This inspirational and liberating program will help participants hold the center—individually, in relationships, and in community. It explores the primitive psychological defenses that our society increasingly resorts to as we cope with life’s conflicts and demands: splitting, projection, and scapegoating. Conscious, mature self-management requires that we move beyond anger, fear, and divisiveness. These reactions are unsuited to deal with the complexities of modern life, yet they are constantly inflamed by news media, internet trolling, and political bombast.

The program also will explore a powerful concept drawn from conflict resolution: the gap between good intentions and impact on others. Narrowing this gap leads to meaningful dialogue and greater consciousness. Opposites, when viewed with greater maturity, are seen as complementary and mutually dependent.

The Nov. 21, 2019 keynote address by Dr. Ruhl includes lecture, centering experience, and group discussion. He will address the transference and projections by faith communities on their leaders and how to manage the resultant expectations and stress. And he will explore how psychological splitting and projections are creating polarization at every level of society, contributing to free floating anxiety, anger, and depression. This talk will be particularly relevant for faith leaders, health care professionals and school staff and administrators, but will also appeal to parents, young people and anyone interested in gaining resources to lead more healthy and contented lives.