Moral Injury–Moral Stress: Searching for Meaning Amidst Suffering

Carrie Doehring, PhD presents the topic of Moral Injury and Moral Stress. Unlike posttraumatic stress, which is rooted in the fear of life threats, moral injuries and stress arise from shame, guilt and betrayal of not practicing one’s core values.  This cuts people off from social support and makes them question the value of their life which can lead to hopelessness and suicidal ideation.  Strategies for coping and finding means for support will be explored.

FOR VIDEO CLICK HERE (1 hour 18 minutes) February 21, 2019 Atonement Lutheran Church, Boulder, Colorado.

Searching for Wholeness Amidst Traumatic Grief: The Role of Spiritual Practices that Reveal Compassion in Embodied, Relational, and Transcendent Ways by Carrie Doehring

Carrie Doehring writes about her experience of grieving the death by suicide of her younger, 27-year-old son last year, and the religious struggles that came out of understanding his suffering, death, and her grief. Finding and using body aware practices that connected her to a sense of goodness within her and in her life became a way of holding grief and reaching out to trusted others in a search for meanings. She will draw upon this experience to illustrate the challenges of living with and integrating moral stress in spiritual ways. Grieving the traumatic death of her son in these intentional ways helped her then cope with the subsequent sudden death of her husband four months later.